Discover our future

We have a proud history of providing the South Australian community with both traditional and contemporary products and services.  As of 2014 Centennial Park maintains over 135,000 positions, both in burial and cremation.  As community demographics continue to change so do the needs and expectations of the community.  We continually pursue new ideas and projects ensuring Centennial Park remains at the forefront of these needs.

Many of the future developments we are planning are unique concepts for Centennial Park. Meeting community needs and enhancing the visitor experience is the backbone of the concepts.

Initiatives include the possible addition of a cafe with alfresco dining area and a children’s playground.  This cafe will allow visitors to enjoy a coffee and snack with family and friends after attending a service or when visiting a loved one.

Thorough community consultation will continue to occur to ensure our proposed initiatives and final products align with community expectations and needs.

Some of the other highlights of our plans include:

  • Maximising available land to continue providing for the burial needs of future generations
  • The completion of a pre-eminent full monumentation burial area with  designer headstones
  • Garden area for outdoor funeral services
  • Cafe and florist with alfresco dining area and children’s playground.
  • Enhanced traffic management for vehicle and pedestrian access including improved Goodwood Road entrance.
  • Themed sculpture walk.
  • Redevelopment of our entrances

At Centennial Park take great pride in our park. We believe that the public of South Australia, in choosing Centennial Park as the final resting place for their loved ones, are entitled to expect the very highest standards. We are committed to the continual upkeep and maintenance of all areas of the cemetery and grounds in addition to developing new options.