Chapel & Funeral Services

A funeral service fills several important needs when we experience the death of someone we love.  It is a way for us to publicly show respect and honour the life of our  loved one who is no longer with us.  It is important that the service has meaning for you and meets your expectations in providing the perfect tribute.

Located in the heart of Centennial Park  overlooking picturesque gardens and framed with wisteria vines, our  award-winning Jubilee Complex  is tailored to suit the varying needs of families.  The Jubilee Complex is a South Australian icon and hosts three non-denominational chapels that vary in size and style. Each chapel is named after an iconic South Australian. The Mawson is named after explorer Sir Douglas Mawson who bravely conquered the frozen expanse of the Antarctic, The Florey is named after Sir Howard Florey who developed the first penicillin-based antibiotic medicine and The Heysen is named after South Australian artist Sir Hans Heysen.  Each chapel is fitted with modern audio visual equipment that is ideal for showing family photos or videos.


Described as a unique and intimate chapel, the Mawson is designed with a serene water feature. The natural environment located at the front of the chapel, provides a peaceful ambience and comforting setting to farewell a loved one. The Mawson is ideal for smaller services seating up to 35 people.

From $700 for a chapel and lounge service
Chapel only services also available


Traditional in structure, the Florey has been recently renovated to provide the perfect complement of traditional and contemporary style.  Custom fitted with a modern art glass feature, designed by local artists, the Florey is suitable for both religious and non-religious services. Comfortably seating up to 90 people, the Florey is a beautiful chapel to farewell a loved one.

From $850 for a chapel and lounge service
Chapel only services also available


The larger of the three chapels, the Heysen is fitted with vast open columns offering uplifting light and space. Beautifully crafted lead light encompasses the chapel providing a natural light. The Heysen comfortably seats 250 people, which is ideal for the larger services.

From $1,250 for a chapel and lounge service
Chapel only services also available

Charles Newman Arbour

Located adjacent to our premium rose garden this option for garden services with its calming natural backdrop provides a distinctive setting to farewell a loved one. Suitable for both intimate family affairs or for larger gatherings of up to 100 people.

From $1,200

Viewing Room

Our purpose built viewing room provides a tranquil and peaceful place to say a final goodbye to your loved one. Our viewing room allows families and friends private time with their loved one prior to cremation or burial.

From $150