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Since our first cremation in 1955, we have always prided ourselves on providing a first class cremation service that treats your loved one with the utmost dignity and care.

Strict identity control measures are implemented from the moment your loved one arrives at Centennial Park. You can rest assured that our modern computing system allows us to follow your loved one through all the stages of the cremation process.

All cremations are conducted in our newly developed Operations Complex. Our Operations Complex is a modern  and  environmentally responsible facility.  Features include a series of sloping roofs with southern facing windows, providing additional natural lighting. The main corridor is designed to allow air-flow through the building and help with ventilation,  reducing the need for heating and cooling.

For an inside look at our state of the art crematorium please watch the video below:

Kim: I wonder how many of us, as we drive past a large park actually stop to think what it takes to keep them looking so good. Well one park I’ve admired for a very long time for its impeccable grounds, is Centennial Park. And to find out why it stays looking so good, you’ve gotta ask the people that do the work. There’s never any shortage of work to do around here, Steve?

Steve: No there isn’t. With 40 acres of land, made up of Memorial Gardens, burial sites, and other facilities – there’s never a shortage of work to be done around here to keep the park looking pristine.

Kim: Okay, take us through a typical day?

Steve: Well, obviously there’s a lot of mowing to be done. Between 30 and 35 acres of lawn, mowing and keeping the grounds looking good is a big priority. We have a number of people constantly mowing and trimming during the week to keep the kikuyu grass and the park looking at it’s best. And we have over 7800 roses that add lots of colour to Centennial Park, which all need pruning and feeding. And at this time of year especially, deadheading to bring up the next lot of flowers. It’s not just the roses we have here, there are over 50 themed gardens that make Centennial Park more a park than a cemetery.

Kim: What do you like about working here?

Steve: Well the work’s very diverse. You get the opportunity to work out in these beautiful gardens, and also you get a chance to work inside the Crematorium.

Kim: The Crematorium?

Steve: That’s right, yeah. Let me show you around.

Kim: Love to. This is a part that the public would generally not see.

Steve: No they generally wouldn’t, but they have access to it if they would like to come for visits and tours. The park actually allow that to happen.

Kim: So take us through the process of the end of a ceremony, either at the Jubilee Complex, or at a funeral home. What would happen then to the coffin?

Steve: Coffin will then be transferred to the park. As you say, they’re from Chapels complex or from the funeral home. Brought here to the Crematorium. From there, the coffin will be held until all paperwork is completed. Then once that’s ready, then we can go ahead with the cremation process.

Kim: Explain what’s – what process and what heat they get up to?

Steve: Anything up to 1100 degrees Celsius. But it will fluctuate, depending on which cycle, which stage of the cycle that the cremators are at.

Kim: And how long does it take to go through it’s process?

Steve: The cremation process on average takes about an hour and a half, but that can vary.

Kim: So once the remains are removed, what happens then?

Steve: With the remains, once the cycle’s complete, bone remains are raked from the cremator chamber into the cooling area, into the cooling hopper. Once those remains have been cooled sufficiently, they are then removed and processed into the ash that people are more familiar with.

Kim: You must have a lot of cremations here at Centennial Park?

Steve: We do indeed. 1 in 3 families in South Australia have a connection with Centennial Park. And since 1955, Centennial Park has conducted over 159,000 cremations.

Kim: If you want to find out when the next Crematorium tour is, contact Centennial Park. There’s something fascinating about finding out the back workings of cemetery. Everything from the plaques you see to the unusual things you’ll find.