Contemporary Options

At Centennial Park we have over 30 beautiful memorial gardens. We understand that some families are looking for something different than a traditional rose garden, and this is why we have developed uniquely serene gardens within a modern landscape. Our contemporary gardens are reflective of a bold natural style and are beautifully manicured with an array of native and tropical plants that provide the perfect backdrop for reflection.

We understand that deciding on the perfect memorial setting for your loved one can be a daunting task. Our knowledgeable memorial team can work closely with you to help you identify the most suitable memorial for you and your loved one.

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Below is a sample of our contemporary memorial gardens at Centennial Park.


Springbank Island

Reflective of a tropical paradise, filled with a variety of lush green foliage, Springbank Island is synonymous with those young at heart.  Baby turtles, ducklings, birds and golden carp inhabit the island, complementing natural surroundings.  The refreshing aroma of frangipani sweeps across the  island adding to the relaxing tropical ambiance.

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A lush green tropical plantation filled with an aroma of freshness provides this sheltered area a distinctively modern and natural world sensation. Shaded by large leafed coral trees, the Affinity Garden transports one’s senses to a thoughtful and quiet space.

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Resembling a flourishing tropical setting in the midst of white custard apple trees and a selection of palms, Medika provides a shaded and aromatically fresh environment all day and every season.

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Tristania Court

Set within the vibrant Sanctuary Gardens, Tristania Court proudly boasts a variety of hardy native trees and succulents, that are home to some resident twany frogmouths.  The weeping grevilleas dispersed amongst the native trees present  deep red flowering highlights throughout.

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Springbank West

Springbank West is aflow with artistic expression incorporating a perfect blend of modern art and ornamental plants. The mixture of Native Grevilleas and Crepe Myrtles set within an open air sculptured garden setting, harnesses an ambiance of freshness and originality.

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Contemplation Avenue

A walkway of wonder filled with a multitude of exotic trees and plants.  The vibrant yellow, orange and scarlet foliage of the Chinese Pistachio tree set amongst the Seaside Daisies and Robinia Mop Tops create a breathtaking setting. Each turn offers a new species of plant life that perfectly matches the contemporary surrounds.

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