Cremation Memorials

At Centennial Park we understand how important memorials are as a symbolic place to share with family, friends and future generations. A memorial expresses our deepest thoughts and feelings about the life of family and friends and is a respectful testimony to the life of your loved one. We are very proud to provide tranquil personalised memorial spaces especially set aside for your loved one within our many serene gardens.

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Contemplation Court - A Transitional Memorial Area

Without a physical place to visit, pause and reflect, people can often feel lost while grieving the loss of a loved one. This is why Centennial Park provides a transitional memorial area called Contemplation Court.
Contemplation Court plays an important role in the grieving process for families. It provides a peaceful and serene place that people can visit during the early stages of their grieving process as they come to terms with the loss of their loved one. Contemplation Court is a unique facility in South Australia that allows family, friends and community to visit loved ones for several months after cremation until final decisions are made.

Ultimately, a longer term memorial provides the final binding between the life and memories of the deceased with those of the living. Contemplation Court is a courtesy service provided to the families of those who have been cremated at Centennial Park.


Elevated within natural surroundings and offering a bold natural style, boulders vary both in size and shape. A memorial boulder can be finished with either a traditional bronze or modern glass plaque.

Garden Seats

Situated throughout a number of the gardens within our park, memorial garden seats allow for your loved ones to be positioned in surroundings that reflect their personality. Memorial seats offer the perfect setting for friends and family to come sit and reflect.


A native or exotic tree is a unique living memorial situated within the picturesque Sanctuary Cross gardens. With an abundance of natural elements and the echo of birds chirping, a memorial tree is a relaxing and contemplative setting that allows for individual or family memorialisation with
a variety of plaque options.


A shrub memorial is a contemporary appreciation of nature. Whether individual or family, a shrub memorial can be used with a variety of plaque options.


Elegant rose gardens provide charming and time honoured settings with a selection of colourful flowers. Rose memorials vary from individual to family options and are available with a variety of plaque options.

Wall Niches

Located amongst the lush and colourful settings of the gardens, memorial wall niches provide a prominent raised position for either single or double memorials.


With its raised features the granite tablet is a naturally distinctive memorial feature. Set within
colourful garden settings or lush green foliage, the tablet offers a notable memorial.

Timber & Granite Uprights

Timber upright: Encompassing rustic and natural characteristics, timber upright memorials display an earthy difference with their raised wooden profile.
Granite upright: With their smooth distinguished look, granite upright memorials give a sense of long-established style.

Garden Edge

Located in a variety of gardens this long-established option allows for the choice of garden settings. Garden edges are a popular option for individual or companion memorials.


Grecian urns: With a distinctive and unique style the Grecian urns proudly line the path to a peaceful garden sanctuary, with the resonance of water in the background giving a serene setting for up to 4 memorials.

Fountains: Set predominantly among the peaceful gardens the tranquil sounds of flowing water from the fountains offer an inimitable foundation to a long-lasting memorial.

Specialty Memorials

Garden of WishesChildren’s Memorial Garden
With an endearing wishing well set in the heart of the Garden of Wishes, the serene ambiance
presents a tranquil and quiet setting to reflect and remember.
Services Family
Situated adjacent to Derrick Gardens and the RSL walls, the Services Family section is specifically designed for spouses and family members of service personnel, and is filled with a variety of spectacularly sculpted roses.

Plaque Only

For families that have chosen to scatter or retain their loved one’s ashes at home, plaque only options are available within our beautifully maintained gardens to preserve the memory of your loved one for generations to come.