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Cremation Memorials

Memorials represent a physical link to the life and memories of those we have loved and lost. They are just as much for the living – to allow you to say goodbye and to remember. Having a physical place to connect with someone who has died can help to maintain a bond with them.

Centennial Park offers a range of memorial options within our Park. There are over 30 themed memorial gardens, each with various ways to memorialise your loved one. We can help you to choose a fitting memorial position to honour your loved one’s memory – perhaps a favourite rose colour, a place near water or a spot in the sun.

Wall Niches

A wall niche memorial provides an elevated position for single or side-by-side companion memorials. We have several walls throughout our Park, within different garden settings. Choose from a small niche in our traditional walls or a large niche in our contemporary walls, to pay tribute to your loved one.

Garden Edge

Garden edges are one of the most popular forms of commemoration. Surrounding a bed of roses, shrubs or native plants, you can choose a garden setting that honours your loved one. Available as single and side-by-side placements, with a variety of plaques.

Rose Memorials

Elegant and fragrant rose gardens provide a charming and traditional setting for a memorial. We have over 150 varieties of roses and a wide selection of memorials to choose from, ranging from individual to family options.


Plaques on Granite Bases

Larger than a traditional plaque, set upon a granite base, this is an elegant memorial option. Available in a wide variety of gardens including our tropical themed gardens, shrub beds, rose gardens or native gardens. Choose from a variety of granite colours and plaque designs to create a personalised tribute.

Weeping Rose

Timber & Slate Uprights

Timber and sandstone upright memorials complement their natural setting with their rustic and earthy look. Positioned throughout our carefully curated gardens, this is a simple and dignified style of memorial. Available with a bronze or glass plaque.

Sandstone uprights
Timber Upright

Tree Memorials

Positioned throughout our beautiful gardens, native and exotic tree varieties have been carefully selected to thrive in the environment and attract bird life, providing a living memorial to commemorate a life. Memorial trees are an ideal way for families to stay together.

Garden Boulders

Each boulder memorial is as unique as the life it honours. Boulders are positioned within natural settings, in garden beds or near water, and come in varying shapes and sizes. Finished with a traditional bronze or contemporary glass plaque.

Garden Seats

There are many garden seats situated throughout our beautiful gardens. You can choose a position that provides a fitting tribute to your loved one. Whether it be in a rose garden, under a tree or a place with a view of the sunset, a garden seat provides a special place for reflection.

Seats can be dedicated to individuals or families.


Granite Tablets & Uprights

Granite tablets and uprights provide an elegant and distinctive memorial. Set within a garden bed, they sit above the foliage as a striking garden memorial. Available in various shapes and sizes with a choice of bronze plaques.

Granite Upright

Ornamental Memorials

Ornamental memorials offer a truly distinctive option to commemorate a loved one. Throughout our gardens, we offer Grecian urns and decorative fountains positioned within traditional and contemporary gardens.

Special Memorials

Garden of Wishes – Children’s Memorial Garden

With an endearing wishing well found in the heart of the Garden of Wishes, the serene ambience presents a tranquil and quiet setting to reflect and remember your loved one.

Garden of Wishes
Garden of Wishes

Services Family

Situated adjacent to Derrick Gardens and the RSL walls, the Services Family section is specifically designed for spouses and family members of service personnel and is filled with a variety of spectacularly sculpted roses.

Not sure which is right for your loved one?

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