Cloudy Recollections – JamFactory Exhibition

June 11, 2015 0 comments

Hand-blown glass objects reflecting themes of memory, remembrance and love will be on display in the Jubilee Complex at Centennial Park as part of a new collaboration with a local not-for-profit arts organisation.

Centennial Park has teamed up with glass artists from JamFactory to create a series of unique pieces that will be on show at Centennial Park. Members of the public are invited to view the installation, which will be on display in the main foyer of Centennial Park’s Jubilee Complex, from Thursday 11 June until Wednesday 29 July.

‘Cloudy Recollections’ – is a series of glassworks created and installed by JamFactory’s ‘The Associates’.

The display is described as a meditation on memory and recollection. Familiar domestic forms are reduced to milky-white representations that become a memento or link to absent family and friends, and a collection of fond memories.

Glass objects represent the baggage that we carry with us, willingly and with love.

The art exhibition is an excellent opportunity for families, friends, children and art lovers to visit Centennial Park and admire some of the incredible handmade glass pieces that will be on show.

JamFactory has created a unique and thoughtful art display and we are very happy to be hosting the impressive work of a gifted group of local glass artists.

What: Cloudy Recollections – JamFactory Exhibition

When: 11 June – 29 July 2015

Time: Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm

Where: Main foyer of Jubilee Complex

Cost: Free