Memorial types

A monument is more than just a structure made of granite or stone.  A monument is an important chapter in telling a story of commemoration for your loved one.

We offer a diverse range of traditional and contemporary memorial options. There are over 30 themed gardens within Centennial Park. Our gardens range from a modern tropical setting to established traditional rose  gardens.

plaque options

Memorial plaques come in a variety of sizes and styles to provide a personalised and heartfelt tribute to your loved one. Options can vary from customary bronze and granite plaques to contemporary glass image plaques.

Depending of which style of plaque suits you and your chosen memorial position, you can use photographs, borders, emblems and a variety of fonts to create a thoughtful testimony to your loved one.  Our experienced staff are always willing to assist you with wording.

Headstones and monuments

Traditionally headstones at Centennial Park were erected to a height of 83cm (2 ft 9) as the originally trustees maintained a strong philosophy that  “ëveryone is equal in death.”   However as community needs have evolved, we now allow for a specific section dedicated to larger and grander monuments to accommodate the demands of specific community groups.