What is a pre-plan/pre-paid funeral plan?

February 19, 2016 0 comments

A pre-paid funeral is a funeral purchased in advance. The type of funeral you want is recorded in an official contract and paid in advance at today’s prices. No additional costs will be incurred regardless of how far in the future the funeral is required. However, some pre-plan/pre-paid funerals do not include the costs associated with cemetery arrangements, and it is important to consider this aspect of your funeral.

Anyone is eligible to take out a pre-plan funeral and cemetery arrangement regardless of age of state of health. Some common questions to consider when pre-planning are:

  • Is your preference for a cremation or burial,
  • Do you have a preferred funeral director
  • Do you have a preferred venue for your service
  • which grave location would you like,
  • what type of memorial would you prefer