Upgrades and Maintenance

August 29, 2016 0 comments

To ensure our park looks the very best and to improve access for family and friends with loved ones at Centennial Park, we are continually upgrading our grounds.
Listed below is a schedule of the upgrade and maintenance projects for the coming months. Please keep checking our website for further updates.

Slate refurbishment  
Commencing November 7 we will be refurbishing the slate in the Jubilee Complex forecourt as we continue to improve the facilities throughout our park. We are expecting this process to be completed by 13 December at the latest.  Services will continue as normal in our award winning Jubilee Complex.

Replacing kerbs
A number of the square kerbs located throughout our park will be replaced with roll over kerbs providing easier access to areas.
The following sections will have kerbing replaced;
• Acacia
• Catholic
• Catholic E
• Catholic F
• General
• Jewish and
• Muslim 2

We are anticipating that the kerb replacement project will be completed by the end of October.

New boundary fence
We are replacing the mesh fencing bordering Fitzgerald Road and Centennial Park, this will provide greater screening and security to our park.

Replacement of Plants in Springbank Island West
The Acacia plants located within Springbank Island West have not taken to their environment as well as anticipated and will be replaced with Banksia plantings. The Banksia plant is an Australian wildflower and are easily recognisable by their bright flower spikes and fruiting cone. They will be a beautiful addition to the peaceful Springbank Island memorial garden.